Soko Banja 04.02.2015. Predrag Stevanovic

How Unofficially the proposal Trustee LEPTERIJA LLC Creditors Committee accepted to be rejected bids for the lease of the hotel and tourist restaurants Coka, while the launch of the hotel Zdravljak rescheduled for May 1st 2015. Vladimir Arsic, whose bid for the lease of tourists and Coke accepted in early March, announcing a lawsuit because of this decision. After the Board meeting of creditors nobody wanted to give official statements.

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Board of creditors in bankruptcy LEPTERIJA accepted in today's session proposal Trustee Pantelija Ivanovic to announce a new ad for the bid for the lease of tourist and restaurant Coka because, as Unofficially, the disputed guarantee Vladimir Arsic, who was the original decision gave the best deals for the lease of these two buildings. The Committee accepted the explanation of the Trustee to the lessee, as an individual, could not provide guarantees for the payment of rent, electricity and other trroškova, but there is no guarantee of security for the payment of any damage to buildings. In addition, it was noted that tourist hotel is not registered in the cadastral books, as well as to any problems with the power outlet due debts to the Electro. At today's meeting of the creditors committee and it was noted that in the ad for the issuance of these buildings were failures. Creditors Committee, gave his consent to publish a new tender for the lease, but with how we learn, the more precise terms, especially in the event that it is again the appearance of private persons.

Vladimir Arsic has sent, before today's hearing, a letter to Board members and the trustee which reminds them that the signing of the lease waited until March 27, although it was envisaged that the lease begins March 15. Arsic said that in the meantime applied for registration of the company saa codes for performing the planned activities, although it was not a requirement for participation in the auction for lease. In addition, Arsic also said that as a fulfillment of the requirements of the creditors committee, in conjunction guarantee that it will comply with the conditions offered to lease the two buildings pay in advance for the duration of the lease, as well as a deposit for payment of electric energy other obligations to the local government. Also offered is a bank guarantee or a mortgage on premises owned by him How we Vladimir Arsic confirmed, after being chosen as the best bidder, but he went with The provision of labor, but that was contracted several tour guests who were located at the tourist from the beginning of April. Arsic claims that as far as the labor force would have the most used just LEPTERIJA former employees. At the end of the letter addressed to the committee of creditors and the bankruptcy trustee, Vladimir Arsic stated that he believes that this decision is illegal and will file a claim for damages and criminal charges against responsible persons who have passed the decision. Any damages due to the cancellation of the lease would go against the LEPTERIJA in bankruptcy, so that if it happens, will suffer great damage and former employees of the company, which also have claims.

Board of creditors accepted the proposal of the bankruptcy upravika to lease the hotel at Zdravljak meet the tenant, a travel agency ViaTurs Petrovic from Belgrade, which has sought to move the start of the hotel on May 1 of this year, and that the lease broken by April 15th. The tenant is cited problem around off the electricity at the hotel, disassembled radiators for heating and plumbing.

Following today's Board meeting of creditors, no one was willing to make an official statement regarding such decisions of the Committee, but, as we found out, all decisions are taken by majority vote, with one abstention vote. Unofficially I have to get to know the members of the Committee and with most of the problems in the work LEPTERIJA LLC, including the unresolved property relations between LEPTERIJA, Komgrap and pensions funds in case the hotel Zdravljak, but I with the data that is Banja Jošanica so far worked within the LEPTERIJA without the necessary paperwork and permits. Otherwise, I learned that creditors' committee is familiar with the petition Jošanica villagers who have sought to Banja lease, to as much as possible, tourists and patients visited this tourist destination and it would mean a lot to this country. However, due to the lack of conditions for the lease of Banja Jošanice petition did not influence the final decision.

Following today's Board meeting of creditors and trustee Trustee and such a decision remains to be seen whether someone will be liable for contempt of their own decisions and how these decisions affect the total tourist traffic Sokobanje in the coming period . It also remains to be seen how much will all this cost the company Lepterija LLC into bankruptcy and its former employees .



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