Soko Banja a vacation paradise. Whether it’s a walk in the bathroom all day, from shade to shade in the summer, the landscape in spring, autumn or winter, or chosen sport after his taste, or at the pool, the river, to the nearby Bovan lakes, swimming and fishing excitement, to the mountain, that for your home pharmacy picking fragrant herbs – and these hills are these herbs richest in Europe, whether in the library, chess club, museum, a gallery, cafe, night life …
As soon as they step up the territory Sokobanje awakens the spirit of sport. Clean air, a suitable environment, natural environment and sports facilities are a paradise for athletes in training. Sokobanjska area is the biggest challenge for hikers, swimmers, cyclists, paragliding, sailing, football players, basketball, volleyball, rally drivers …
Sokobanja parks are beautifully landscaped gardens to rest and recover patients and spa guests. Our meeting with interesting and environment Sokobanje start from the central park.
Sokobanja was simply fond of wooded Ozren, and a small number of tourists who will not ask: how to get to the top of this wonderful mountain and what is there? Ozren excursion away from Sokobanje about 4 miles, and can be reached by bus, car or on foot. Traveler certainly can not forget the day winding road that leads to the mountains of Ozren. At the top of Ozren is a special hospital for lung and eye diseases, and tuberculosis. Spa covers an area of ​​36 hectares, in which round the playground, swimming pool and a restaurant next to a small artificial lake, at the source of the river Gradasnica.
More and more tourists from urban areas who, upon arrival in Sokobanja unique opportunity to see at least the rest are in direct contact with nature. Therefore, whether it comes to tangible results related to the improvement of health status, whether it is just a collection of energy for new ventures to see this paradise on earth. Warm southern landscape with crystal clear air, the authentic charm of Serbia, inspiring scenario of rest in any season year, there will desire in everyone to a new back.
It is best expressed our famous writer and Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric: “I do not know what’s here, but I know that after 15-20 days of stay in Soko Banja, work a full year in Belgrade as a new born. I have no complaints. What we do helps: air , and these wonderful people, sour milk from the village lakes or these doctors … do not know how to explain it.
Sokobanja with Ozren was and still is for me the landscape in which I often visited and found peace and refreshment, come across well received by people of various professions and occupations, from farmers to caterers, doctors and artists. “The days spent in these areas are among the better and more beautiful memories of my life.”
And Nusic, like many other important people as well as Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric, the other, Sokobanja back regularly for life. The longest remembered Nušić verses: “Sokobanja Sokograd, you come old, go young.”
In what ever you are our age or the age came – well you are welcome.



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