sokobanja Sokobanja is a spa, situated at foot of the mountain Ozren in south- eastern Serbia and surrounded by four mountains, Rtanj (1560m), Ozren (1117m), Devica and Bukovik. River that flows through Sokobanja is Moravica, that flows beneath the mountain Devica and it is  made of an artificial lake, called Bovan Lake. Soko Banja has plenty of unspoiled natural beauty and many beautiful resorts such as Lepterija, Ancient city- Sokograd, Kalinovica at Ozren, Source of the Moravica River (Vrelo), Barukdžije, Vrmdža lake and the city…

For Sokobanja rightly be said that is the master of spa tourism in Serbia and the Serbian queen of tourism. Clean air, thermal water quality  and many parks are an ideal place for the treatment of lung diseases, rheumatism, nervous sufferer, especially recommended for rest and recreation.

Sokobanja is developing tourism full 180 years, and in the last 10 years is growing rapidly due to the arrival of capital and building Aqua park Podina and the wellness center,   so unless healthy tourism with hundred percent success in treating, Soko Banja has a commercial recreational tourism. With accommodation in hotels, private villas and apartments, a spa under the Ozren records from year to year, a large increase in the number of nights per season.

The dance around the hotel Tourist!

Soko Banja 04.02.2015. Predrag Stevanovic - How Unofficially the proposal Trustee LEPTERIJA LLC Creditors Committee accepted to be rejected bids for the lease of the hotel and tourist restaurants Coka, while the launch of the hotel Zdravljak

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Beginning of the tourist season in Soko Banja!!!

Due to inclement weather in Soko Banja staying fewer guests than usual for this time of year. In the private sector, the facilities are poorly completed and the hotel accommodation in the recreational benefits of teaching elementary school students.



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